New Beginningses

Bonjour, mes amis! I have returned and moved from blogspot to wordpress. You might be asking yourself why I would move; it’s simple, really: I wanted to, and so I did.

And now for this blog’s mission statement:

Here, you’ll likely find thoughts on whatever current book I’m reading or record I’m listening to or film I just watched, photos and entries of my upcoming trip to Thailand and other places I travel to, information on where to read my and friends’ stories, and, really, anything else I deem worthy of wordpressery.

Don’t forget, though: I also do a movie podcast and reviews over at The Weekly Take with cohorts John Dwyer and Charlie Truong. We have a good time.

For now, I will leave you with my first ever (and so far: last) reading – over a year ago, I think – at Tuesday Funk. Tuesday Funk is held the first Tuesday of every month at Hopleaf in Andersonville in Chicago and is a for-serious-superfun blast.


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