seasecrets!fossils!fictions!: The Dragon Tree

ssff coverThe Dragon Tree by my sister Mandy (under the moniker seasecrets!fossils!fictions!) came out all the way back in the caveman days of 2011. April 20th to be exact.

But it’s been on constant repeat for me the past year and a half and I wanted to remind those of you who’ve maybe put aside in our ever-constant desire to find the Next Thing to have a listen again because it’s still as awesome as you remember, and to introduce it to those whose radar this fine little EP might’ve slipped under the first time around. Just follow that link above, of course, but you know that.

You can find some photos of Mandy and I recording the EP at my old blog here. (Sadly, I have misplaced those awesome specs. A true loss.)

The Dragon Tree was recorded at Kedzie Garden Apartment Studios, and mastered by Justin Turner.


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